Russian “Reset”

President Obama has hit the “reset button” with Russia, and now relations are great with this country!  After the Bush administrations ignorance it is so refreshing we have things on the right track.

After all, who could understand why our relations with Russia were waning?  Just another Bush screw-up.  We have so much in common with Russia, why couldn’t he make it work?  Sure they assassinate opposition journalists, jail business leaders they disagree with indiscriminately, vote against us on almost every important human rights or security oriented issue that appears before the UN, and invaded (and continue to occupy) a democratic country on their southern border.

If you have felt good about our relations with Russia, think again.  You might also look at the latest story from today where, at the G-20 Summit, President Medvedev feigns ignorance regarding Iran and their nuclear weapons program– the weapons which Iran probably has and would clearly not have were it not for the Russians.

Russia is just one of many examples where the President has allegedly shored up relations while asking nothing in return, and in fact opening the door to problematic behaviors that could be very dangerous for our country, and most certainly work against the human rights of millions in countries like Iran and China.

(and now we see today the revelation of Russian spies infiltrating key areas of US security, so what exactly did we reset?)

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