Buy BP! Gas, That Is!

Today I filled up my car with gas at a BP station a few miles from my house. Yes, BP. I recommend you buy your gas from them,too.

But why would anyone with a Blog entitled “The Voice of Reason” recommend such an outrageous thing?

Easily. The reason is that I refuse to let the President and Democrats play their games with me, and I prefer to support the 80,200 BP employees and the 300,000 people who are dependent on BP for their incomes rather than the villification agenda of President Obama and his cronies.

Think about it. He speaks of “BP” like it’s an evil entity, as though it has no human characteristics at all. He did the same thing with greedy “health care companies”, “Wall Street”, and generically “Big Oil” and “Insurance Companies”.

Behind each of these entities are millions of, believe it or not, human beings! Hard working, family supporting, community involved human beings! Executives yes, but mostly non-executives. Secretaries. Mail-room workers. First line managers. Order entry clerks. Destroy BP, destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands. We’ve seen it before. Sure, we destroyed companies like Anderson and Enron, and almost destroyed companies like Worldcom. But what did we really kill? Jobs. Incomes. Families. Children.

I know, I know, there are bad apples that should be fired or maybe even prosecuted in these companies. But these are but a miniscule percentage of employees. Why do we throw out so many thousands of babies with the bathwater?

By all means let’s hold individuals accountable professionally, legally, and financially. But let’s not fall into the trap of dehumanizing our private sector.

Buy BP gas next time your car needs a fill-up. You’ll have done a good deed for all those who depend on BP for their livelihood.

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