Michael Steele Must Go

I find it to be good practice not to jump to a conclusion when hearing an outrageous quote from a public figure.  Instead I want to hear the context, to understand what the intended message was, to really understand what is in the person’s heart or head.

So it was with some hope, being a Republican, that listening to Michael Steele (head of the Republican National Committee) in context would help me understand what he really meant when he said Afghanistan was “Obama’s war”.  Alas there was no such consolation to be found in my investigation.  It was nothing short of an outrageous, ignorant comment that was typical of some members of the cynical left during the most heated times in the Iraq war.  Calling it “Bush’s war” outraged me, and had to outrage our soldiers and good citizens everywhere.  Iraq was “America’s war”, or even “the free world’s war”.  So is Afghanistan.

I also find it good practice not to call for someone’s head over one comment unless particularly egregious.  This one may be over the edge all by itself, but combined with other silly statements from this man, plus his mismanagement of RNC donations, makes this most certainly the last straw.  I don’t want him representing the party that I generally support.  Fire him or have him step down immediately.

And let’s win “our” war in Afghanistan!

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One Response to Michael Steele Must Go

  1. morepars says:

    There seems to be growing concern on both sides of the political spectrum that Afghanistan is not worth the cost. We have been there longer than we were in Vietnam, and there seem to be very few Al-Qaeda there. I would love for the VOR to do a post on why we need to stay the course in Afghanistan. Thank you!

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