Russian Reset Outrage

Yesterday we exchanged 10 Russian citizens and admitted spies who had served a cumulative 110 days in custody for 4 non-US citizens “accused” of spying for the US who had served a cumulative 31 years in prison. Why are we not outraged?

Put aside the possibility that there is something nefarious going on in the Obama administration relative to this and just consider the facts without opinion. We spent 10 years tracking these spies, millions of dollars in investigation costs, and incurred never-to-be known damage as a result of this incursion. For what? Why didn’t we just arrest them in the first year and do an exchange at that time? Why investigate for 10 years?

Did these 10 spies have any useful information to share with us? Is 11 days of likely mild if any interrogation enough to have uncovered such information?

Another question. Could we not have held these 10 for 6 months and interrogated them further, offering them diminished hopes for freedom unless they shared more information with us? And then done the exchange after 6 months?

The press and many everyday citizens are focusing on all the wrong things, particularly the beauty of one of the spies and the cold-war drama and intrigue of the whole capture and exchange. But what of the incident’s substance? Why isn’t anyone focused on that? The New York Times, biased as it is, had an outrageous cover story on it today, subtly heaping praise on the Obama administration for its handling of this and for the value it served in the Russian “reset”.

In the bigger picture this shows to what lengths the Obama Administration is willing to go to reset relations with Russia. This is not a “reset”, this is capitulating. Russia gives us nothing, and we give them everything. Stay in democratic Georgia as occupiers and oppressors. Reduce your dated armaments and we’ll reduce our modern ones. Assassinate journalists and opposition leaders and we’ll not say a word. Vote against almost every morally correct position in the UN Security Council.

On the nefarious side, let’s hope some of the journalists who would have dedicated their lives to digging up dirt on the Bush administration spend some time looking into this one. I can’t imagine there wasn’t more to this story than we have understood to date. 110 days vs 31 years. 10 Russians for 4 non-Americans. Immediate exchange. Something is very wrong with this picture.

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