Thoughts for Saturday in Starbucks

A quick read of the news and editorials today leads me to summarize some very interesting thoughts:

1. The State Department said that when the Americans proposed the spy swap, “Russia quickly agreed”. Of course they did! Anyone who understands negotiation knows that if you make an offer, and an intelligent and agreesive counter-party “quickly agrees”, you have made the wrong offer. But this is the Obama Administration- willing to make deals that prove us to be weak. In a world where we were dealing with moral nations of good intentions that would be one thing, but in the real world we live in it is downright dangerous.

2. LeBron James goes to the Heat! Why? Well, one reason may be taxes, and even if it isn’t the illustration is instructive for our political leaders. At $100 million a year, think about this one. As the Wall Street Journal points out today, In New York LeBron would pay approximately $13 million in state and city taxes. In Miami he pays zero as there is no state tax in Florida and no city tax in Miami. $13 million. So if the Knicks had offered 10% more than the Heat, at $110 million, LeBron still would have made more in Miami. New York should ask, how much revenue are we “losing” because our taxes are so high? In general Democrats think higher taxes=higher revenues. In general I think higher taxes over time generate less revenues as the flight to tax-friendly states kicks in. We will see this effect manifest itself more and more frequently as taxes rise in various states, cities, and towns in America.

3. Absolute fantasy at the White House. Watch the July 7th White House Daily Press Briefing to see the fantasy world in which this administration operates. You will hear Robert Gibbs and Vice President Biden share with us how well we are doing thanks to the bold actions of Speaker Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama.

4. Victory? General Patraeus (or “Betray Us” if you belong to the DNC) used the forbidden word the other day in speaking about Afghanistan. He said we would “win”. Please General, as President Obama said so clearly, don’t use the word “win”. It’s not a term we’re comfortable with. We just want to…well….there really isn’t a word for what we want. But don’t use the word “win”. Thank you.

5. Teach for America. See today’s Wall Street Journal editorial page and read about the heroic actions of many of our college graduates who, instead of earning likely twice as much in the private sector, join Teach for America for a few years after graduating. See how they are generally more effective and generate much better results than tenured teachers who likely cost taxpayers 4-5 times as much. And see how the teacher’s union is fighting this extremely valuable program. To all members of the teacher’s union and their leadership: Please put our kids first.

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One Response to Thoughts for Saturday in Starbucks

  1. morepars says:

    I read the Teach For America article. It would be interesting to know how much these teacher’s make? It would also be interesting to get ahold of their best practices. I also read the WSJ’s editorial on Lebron and taxes. While I agree taxes can impact decisions, I am sure it had zero to do with this particular one. You want to talk about taxes and the impact of government spending? Read the article on the Opinion Page entitled Robert Byrd’s Highways to Nowhere. Particularly instructive was the comparison of Byrd’s spending versus what North Carolina did to attract businesses in the Research Triangle Park. Finally, want to hear about government and “perverse incentives?” Read the article about life and death decisions having to be made based upon the Estate Tax that is currently in limbo. I look forward to hearing more from the Voice of Reason!

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