Get Your Free Health Care Here!

If you have any doubt about the insincerity of the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress in regards to the new health care bill, go to this link and listen to Kathleen Sebelius (Secretary of HHS) on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation”.  While you are at it, note the “neutral” host of the program and the softball questions she asks Ms. Sebelius and the tacit endorsement she is providing towards the bill.

It’s worth listening to in its entirety, but let me summarize.  We are going to cover everyone, for everything, and the care is going to cost less and the care is going to be better than ever!  It’s like magic.  Listen to all the things we are going to do under this new bill, but keep asking yourself– “how are we going to pay for all this?”.   Sure, she names a few places we will get funding, and we all know about the 4.5% income tax increase, the “medicare tax”,  for “the rich”, but these are pennies against a bucket that needs huge dollars.

I was struck in particular when one listener asked, in effect: “I am a rock climber, something I do to keep myself healthy and sane.  Because of this hobby I am forced to pay higher health insurance premiums.  Is this new bill going to fix this unfairness?”  To which the Secretary explains all the things about the bill that will make his health insurance payments go down.  This is consistent with the whole theme– anything and everything for everyone at reduced cost.  Magic!

She didn’t answer it the way I would have, which is as follows:  “Thank you for your question sir. You see, as a rock climber you are 20 times more likely to need medical treatment than the average citizen.  As such, rather than having everyone else in your insurance pool pick up that additional cost you may generate, you need to take personal responsibility for your choices, and pay for them yourself.  Want to rock climb or engage in private aviation or play professional football, smoke, or drink like an alcoholic?  In America you have that right.  But just be prepared to cover your fair share of the cost of covering you.”

Alas she couldn’t answer this way.  It would be inconsistent with the “magic” theme.  Abracadabra, everyone is covered and your costs are reduced 25%!

Heaven help us.  The bill for this is going to be gigantic.  And as it kicks in, be prepared for step 2, the real final goal:  Single payer health care, socialized medicine, substandard care, with a 10% tax increase on nearly half the population to pay for it, and all the negative economic consequences this will generate.

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