Offending Me

Throughout our lifetimes Presidents of both parties have made statements that we personally disagree with, sometimes vehemently.  But never in my recollection has a President offended me personally, and offended so many others, as President Obama has done.  I’m not talking about policies I disagree with.  I’m talking about offending people.  They are personal attacks on my character, and on the character of others like me, straight from the mouth of the President of the United States.

Take his speech yesterday in Ohio in which he blasted the upper and upper middle class, saying things like we find “working men and women to be offensive”, and that we have, as Dan Henninger points out in the Wall Street Journal, “explicitly conspired to shaft the middle class”.  Here’s one from our very own President yesterday, that we have a desire to “cut working class folks like you loose to fend for yourselves”.  The President really said that??

This is a consistent message from this President.  That somehow anyone who has acheived reasonable wealth ($250,00 to him is “rich”, and I understand it is rich to many, but it is not the life of luxury he depicts) has somehow done so by screwing the middle or lower classes, that we have done it by exploiting others and purposely, even gleefully,  leaving them behind to suffer.  It almost feels like he wants people to hear a message that we take joy in it, like “yes we succeeded, and did you see that homeless guy on the street?  Awesome!”.

Imagine this man, his message of hope and post-partisanship during the campaign, now on despicable campaign to pit “us vs. them”.  Us vs. exploitative health insurers.  Us vs. Wall Street.  Us vs. Banks.  Us vs. greedy financiers of Chrysler.  Us. vs. “the rich”.  Us vs. special interests.  It is truly a horrifying, outrageous way for a President to behave.

Not only that, he is “them”.  His net worth exceeding $20 million, far outpacing 99% of the people who will be effected by his tax increases.  He is “them” too in that he has catered in a huge way to special interests, particularly unions but to a whole host of others.

Look for it as you listen to him.  He has the most divisive approach we have seen in our lifetimes.  He creates and enemy for people to envy and/or hate, and builds his case for his policies around that hate.  What a horrible approach by one from whom so much was expected.

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