California: Out of Money, Out of Their Minds

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times endorsed Jerry Brown (over Meg Whitman) for California’s Governor, and Barbara Boxer (over Carly Fiorina) for the Senate.

Now I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and people see the world differently.  But how can any credible newspaper editorial staff possibly endorse these two candidates given the enormous fiscal challenges their state faces?

$78 billion dollars in debt, the state with the highest tax rate in the union and a looming debt that will exceed $200 billion in the next 5 years, California needs serious-minded fiscal leadership and they need it yesterday.  And the LA Times’ solution?  A recycled California politican who is arguably only half sane for Governor (Jerry Brown) and a hyper-partisan, corrupt, completely fiscally inexperienced tried-and-untrue Barbara Boxer?  Are you kidding me?  Is the LA Times loyalty to the Democrat party that thick?

For Governor, the executive running this complex state, you could have Meg Whitman, the CEO of one of the country’s most successful and dynamic businesses (ebay), with a brilliant financial mind and one who knows how to deliver results on a Profit and Loss statement.  For Senator, you could have Carly Fiorina, former CEO of the largest technology company in the world and senior executive at Lucent, who also clearly understands how to balance the books.

But this state, laden with debt, needs the same Senator they have had for 5 terms (Boxer) and a career politician with no real accomplishments to point to except winning elections (Brown)?

It is truly insanity.  If Boxer and Brown win, Californians will most certainly have earned everything they get.  The problem is their issues and burdens will become ours, and all Americans will suffer as this spectacular state bankrupts itself.

We’ll be watching many elections next month, but few specific ones will be as important as these two.  Will California get real and elect competent, experienced leaders?  Or will they go with the same old partisan politicians who have flown their state into the ground?  We can only hope.

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