Michelle Rhee and the California Test

In the battle over the fiscal future of our country we are losing 1-0 as of today. Michelle Rhee, the embattled but outstanding DC Schools Chancellor, was essentially forced out by the Teacher’s Union. In the wake of her departure will be continued rich benefits for teachers far exceeding those of the taxpayers who fund them, shelters and assured employment for lousy teachers, and thousands of children who end up in jail instead of college. Congratulations NEA, you “won”.

A second and even larger battle is taking place in the great state of California. Here Jerry Brown, the current Attorney General and typical liberal politician, is leading Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, by 5 points in most polls. What is it that turns some people off about Meg? Well, for the idiotic few (I hope), the fact that she may have had an undocumented person as her housekeeper. But much more controversial is the fact that she promises to make the government of California spend only money that it has, not money that it wishes it had, and the bitter pill that must– must– be swallowed to achieve this is to align pay and benefits of public sector workers with the taxpayers in the private sector.

In this test in California, will special interests, bloated government, and the status quo win? Or will the agents of reason win and tie the score 1-1? Stay tuned.

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