Money and the 2010 Election

Pop quiz for all of you Voice of Reason readers:  Which political party has more money per House and Senate candidate than the other?

Well, if you answered the Republicans, your answer is certainly justified, but it is incorrect.  One can certainly understand how you would have made such an assumption given the propaganda campaign by the Democrats and their cohorts in the media.

According to, a credible neutral source of campaign finance information, the following is the situation in regards to money raised by candidates:

1.  House of Representative candidates:  Democrats $725,000 per candidate, Republicans $425,000 per candidate

2.  Senate candidates:  Democrats $2,150,000 per candidate, Republicans $1,540,000 per candidate.

Two things about this data should upset us all.  The first is the obvious, and that is that whichever party you are talking about, too much money is spent on these campaigns.  It is corrupting and it also excludes most candidates who are not of means but who may serve with distinction.

The second concern is that somehow the facts about spending by party are turned on their heads by the mainstream liberal media.  The drumbeat from them is that the Republicans are the party of special interests and are outspending Democrats wildly in this election.  The facts are that both parties are too beholden to special interests, and that the Democrats have far more money per candidate than the Republicans, and that if you accept the premise that money is corrupting, the Democrats are being “corrupted” more than the Republicans.


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