Vote, Vote, Whoever You Are

Well, I did it again, but I believe this year is that last time I will make the same mistake I have made the past 5 years.  I walked into my voting precinct today, wallet in hand, ready to withdraw my license, sign the voting pad, and proceed to the voting booth.  But once again I was told, as per rules installed by the Democrat party (and their friends such as ACORN), to put my license away, that it wasn’t needed.

“Not needed?  You mean you want my passport?  Or my fingerprint?  Perhaps a retinal scan?”  Nope.  Just sign and vote.  I ask, “will you compare my signature to the one you have here on the sheet?”  Nope.  Not allowed to.  “Well, what if I try to vote, say, as my wife Christina rather than myself?  Or as Andrew Cuomo rather than myself?”  We are not allowed to question you, to compare your signature, or to challenge you in any way.  You come in, you vote as whoever you say you are, and you leave.


As long as you know the name of someone eligible to vote in the district, and they haven’t voted yet (or don’t vote), have at it.

I won’t go on about the lack of use of technology, how I got a paper ballot today, and had to fill in the dots with a black pen just like I used to on standardized tests when I was in elementary school in 1969.  How far we’ve come!

This is political corruption, political correctness, political ineptness, and the effect of too many lawyers on our society that harms the very source of our nation’s existence- the vote.

Anyway, I urge you all to get out there and express yourself at the polls today– and make sure you get there before someone votes in your name, for which there is no recourse!






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