“Don’t Touch My Junk”

Fine with me, we won’t ask TSA to touch “your junk” as long as you go through that scanner.  Don’t want to go through that scanner, and don’t want to go through a pat down?  Then get the heck off of my flight!

Traveling next week?  I suggest you do what I plan to do, which is to thank every TSA agent  you see, tell them you appreciate them keeping you safe, to not let the naysayers get them down, and to understand that  if they single you out they are ensuring we have no “failure of imagination” and that they know that anyone, any age, any skin color, any gender, any ethnic origin, could purposely or inadvertently be carrying an explosive device.

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One Response to “Don’t Touch My Junk”

  1. Aleah says:

    I agree! If anything I get scared that they DON’T search everyone more thoroughly!

    This reminded me, though, of a funny story about some overzealous Japanese airport employees and the lead singer of a band whose song I sent you…

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