Tucson, Insanity, Hate Speech, and Hypocrisy

It didn’t take long for the left wing media and Democratic politicians to tastelessly turn one of our country’s greatest tragedies into an opportunity to score political points.  As a 9 year old girl, a Federal Judge, and 4 other people laid dead and 13 others were injured, the Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, and others were already blaming the Tea Party and Fox News.  The best, though, was the Daily Kos, whose headline was “Mission Accomplished, Sarah Palin”.

How outrageous, and of course how untrue now that we know of the insanity of the shooter and his lack of attachment to reality or that matter any political party.  (see David Brooks’ editorial today in the New York Times).  But for those on the left who are condemning political “hate speech” from the right (I agree it should be toned down, but it is not the cause of this event), who talk about it as if it is only the right that does it, who agree with Paul Krugman that the right wing is crazy and violent, please see below.  I don’t remember reading anything on the Huffington Post about what I see below, or hearing Paul Krugman criticize it, or any news media whatsoever.   Suffice it to say that both left and right do this, and should do less or none of it, but it is only the right that is criticized for it.  Have a look at the amazing photos below and wonder why the left and the media never criticized these:


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