Kudos, President Obama

Dear Readers,

I want you all to know that I am very aware and sensitive to the fact that I tend to bash President Obama and many of his policies in this blog.  In this post I am going to do the opposite.  Because while I disagree with him on so many things, there are some areas in which I give him credit and support what he has done.  I thought in the spirit of this St. Patrick’s Day I’d share a “top ten” list of the Obama policies/actions I support:

1.  Followed to the letter the Bush Administration’s “Status of Forces” agreement for a phased drawdown in Iraq, continuing the relative success of the Iraq venture.

2.  Increased drone attacks on terrorist bases in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.

3.  Did not give in to the ‘”No Child Left Behind” stinks’ crowd, and instead has said it has strengths and weaknesses and needs to be adjusted, not thrown out completely.

4.  Continued the Bush-era tax rates.

5.  Keeping Gitmo open unless or until we have a better alternative.

6.  Re-establishing military tribunals for terrorist suspects.

7.  Keeping Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense.

8.  Forcing out/relieving Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff and replacing him with the business-experienced Bill Daley.

9.  Offering a balanced view on nuclear energy until we understand further details about the Japan nuclear situation and its relationship with American nuclear energy.

10.  Selecting Kansas, not Duke or Ohio State, to win the NCAA Basketball Championship (Sorry Steph!).

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3 Responses to Kudos, President Obama

  1. Gene Josephs says:

    Dan, although big of you to put together these top 10 actions by Obama that you like, he fought hard and long to not implement these 3 items and was forced to support these items.
    4. Continued the Bush-era tax rates.

    5. Keeping Gitmo open unless or until we have a better alternative.

    6. Re-establishing military tribunals for terrorist suspects.
    I am critical of some of the other items as well including the last one; what an egomaniac to get involved in selecting the final four.



    • vofreason says:


      I must say as much as I disagree with the President on so many things at a fundamental level, I wanted to cover these things that regardless of how he got there, I agree with the end result. It was extremely tempting for me to put in parenthesis after most of them additional comments about how he handled each of them, and even now am tempted to provide examples, but am going to stick to the spirit of the post and leave it as is!

  2. Blue Devil says:

    #10 may be the reason I vote for Mitt Romney in ’12…. But actually.

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