Obama: “It’s us versus them”

Divisive.  Deceitful.  Dishonest.  Political.  Partisan.  Unspecific.  Unserious.  Toxic.  Late.  It’s people like the President who care about others versus those who don’t.

I was hoping for so much more.  I actually believed we might get it.  What a fool I am.

I suppose it is no coincidence that on the very day last week that Paul Ryan (R) released his detailed plan for debt and deficit reduction the President announced his plans to run for re-election.  We have a president who ignored his own Debt Commission’s recommendations (his commission called the report and recommendations “The Moment of Truth for America”) in December, all but left debt out of his State of the Union in January, released a budget that was considered a farce by any credible economist in March, and didn’t prioritize the debt or feel compelled to speak to us about it until Paul Ryan put forth his plan last week.  And now we have him finally addressing it yesterday, and what do we get?  A mean-spirited, divisive, highly partisan campaign speech with almost no detail that was full of falsehoods.

He did what I hoped against him doing, but he did it far more bluntly and in such a demagogic way that I was stunned.  He pitted Paul Ryan, and Republicans in general, against “autistic” and “Down’s Syndrome children”, “grandparents in wheelchairs”, and the 50 million people we would thoughtlessly deny health insurance, all simply to retain the ill-begotten wealth of the “rich”.

He depicted Republicans, and Ryan himself, as heartless and greedy.  Ironically later in his speech he says “…there are those who will simply say there’s no way we can come together and agree on a solution….that the politics of this town are just too broken…that the two parties are just too far apart”.  You mean, Mr. President, the politics you espouse, the “us vs. them”, the toxic way in which you approach the opposition?  The deceitful way in which you depict the Republican view and plan?  Are these the obstacles that you are referring to, that you say we can rise above while you dig yourself deeper into the mud?

At one point he gets to the favorite Democrat-party distortion.  While talking about and strongly supporting raising taxes on people earning more than $200,000 a year, he (with his own net worth of about $20 million, not counting his future earnings that will be in the 100’s of millions) states that “I don’t need another tax cut.  Warren Buffet doesn’t need another tax cut”.  Now Mr. Obama, what do you and Warren Buffet have in common with a family living in New York or Boston on $250,000 a year?  Absolutely nothing!  But he can’t resist because it sounds so good.  He refers to billionaires and the Democrats jump up and down, “yeah, they don’t need all that money!” and then he gets the vast majority of the  tax increase money from the upper-middle class, not billionaires.   It is deceitful, and he knows it.  He KNOWS he is being deceitful when he says it.  But, it’s effective, and the truth and facts are something this President cannot trifle with.

Another known lie:  “Already, the reforms we passed in the health care law will reduce our deficit by $1 trillion”.  We all know that the bill, while increasing the number of Americans who are covered, will dramatically increase the deficit, likely in the $3-4 trillion range.

And of course it didn’t take President Obama long to do his “blame my predecessor” thing.  I knew very early on that we were in trouble on this speech when he said in the first 2 minutes “when I took office, our projected deficit was more than $1 trillion”.   Maybe, but why mention this in the first 2 minutes of the speech, or at all?  For political inoculation, not for any of our benefit.  For his benefit.  As I’ve said before this is a mindset anathema to leaders.

We have a crisis on our hands and it is the most serious threat we face as a nation, and even Obama’s Deficit Commission says the same thing.  What does this President do with this crisis?  Nothing for 2 years except add to it with a bloated $850 billion “stimulus” that was no such thing.  And when he finally addresses it, he does so in front of a group of college students in the early afternoon and makes it a dishonest, political, and adversarial speech that is full of self-interest for himself and his party. The post-partisan President.

All you did was weaken a nation yesterday President Obama.  Shame on you.






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