Memorial Day. Let’s Remember

Today we recognize as “Memorial Day”, a holiday in which we remember our military service members who died in the defense of the United States and its people.  How many of our brave citizens have given their lives in our history?  Approximately 1.4 million.

1.4 million.

Let us contemplate this today, and be forever grateful to all of them.  We should also remember the loss their families experienced, and how devastating it must have been to a much larger multiple than this number.  Many were fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, friends, cousins, and more.

Without these soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice, most of us wouldn’t be here, and if we were we would be living under much different conditions, and likely speaking a language other than English (as a World War II buff, German comes to mind).

Let us remember today, though for many of us freedom has come to us for “free”, freedom is not free.  To date, freedom has cost us 1.4 million souls.  Bless them all, and their families.

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2 Responses to Memorial Day. Let’s Remember

  1. Drew says:

    righteous post.
    picayune point: ‘it’s’ is a contraction of it is. ‘Its’ is possessive.

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