Of ATM’s, Kiosks, and George W. Bush

I apologize to my regular readers for sounding like a broken record, but I’ll say it again:  Watch this President and see why we must have a leader in the White House, not just a smooth-talking academic who has never led so much as a Boy Scout troop.

In the past week he has continued to demonstrate the ugly quality of a non-leader, and that is one of blaming others for the problems you have been hired to solve, and have had more than 2 years to do so.  We have counted the hundreds of “I inherited”s from this President and his aides, but yesterday we got a whole new area to hold accountable for this President’s failings:  ATM’s and airport kiosks.

Yes, not only did President Bush hand Obama an un-fixable situation, so have businesses.  You see, our unemployment rate is not just the fault of W, it is also the fault of technology taking the jobs of humans, such as bank ATM’s and airport check-in kiosks.  Or so says our President.  Never mind the inane nature of such statements (which match in quality the “fully inflate your tires” mantra he used previously), but ATM’s and kiosks have been with us since the Clinton administration.  It is babble beyond any level of seriousness, and is another indicator that this unknown stranger we elected to the White House was a huge mistake.

Forget about public persona for a minute, and think about personal pride.  Would any of you, my respected readers, be able to look yourselves in the mirror after taking over the country, and continue blaming your predecessor over and over again?  I imagine David Axelrod saying to me “now Dan, you need to blame Bush, and keep blaming Bush, even though we are 2 years into your administration.  This way we will minimize your association with today’s problems and increase the likelihood of your re-election”.  To that I would answer, “you know what David, that may be the right political advice because many of my Democrat friends who have vilified Bush will buy the argument.  But frankly I have too much pride to do this, and I know from my leadership experience that to do so is bad practice and will damage my image with thinking Americans, damage this country, hamper our opportunities to recovery the economy, and will even hurt my self-esteem.  This is my economy, this is my country, and I need to make sure the people know that I own it and will fix it.  That I will make no excuses.  Even if it costs me the election, they need to know it’s mine and they need to know who’s in control and owns the outcome.”

To many democrats there is always someone or something to blame.  Someone to file suit against (see their continuing stalwart support for tort lawyers), someone to be angry at, some social policy that led to the behavior– really anything but personal responsibility.  Former Presidents, ATM’s, airport kiosks, whatever.  For republicans like me, when something goes wrong under my watch or in a situation I have taken over, I fix it.  And if I don’t, my assumption is I only need to look to one single place to find the reason why:  The mirror. This is how leaders lead.  This is how great problems are solved, and great endeavors achieved.

If only we had such a President during these trying times.  We can only hope for “change” in 2012.



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3 Responses to Of ATM’s, Kiosks, and George W. Bush

  1. Michelle Marie Motley says:

    I found this randomly through searching the phrase “Just continue to blame it on your predecessor” as I was using it to describe the exact situation you have explained above (and very eloquently I might add). I will be re-posting to Facebook and Twitter in 3…2…1…

    • Chelsea Golliday says:

      Not that you need confirmation but you are completely right. I have been saying for awhile now that Obama isn’t concerned with being the leader of this country. He took his title as President of the United States as a way to become a celebrity. Maybe it is just me but I can’t recall seeing Bush appear so many times at celebrity functions or on TV shows.

      • vofreason says:

        Chelsea, not only is he at many social functions, he has been attending a record number of fundraisers. I read the other day a statistic that said he has attended 38 fundraisers this year, where in George W. Bush’s first term at the same point and time Bush had attended only 7. This President is breaking many records and shattering many traditions in how our President governs, and the vast majority of it is not good. Thanks for commenting on my post. Dan

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