Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman, former Governor of Utah and US Ambassador to China (both of which equate to 100x the experience President Obama had before being elected President) entered the 2012 Presidential race yesterday.  I was asked by one of my regular readers to express an opinion on Huntsman, and while I am not deeply familiar with him (yet!) I have read some pieces regarding his background, and saw him this morning on the Fox News “Kirby Couch”, and I was impressed.  Among other conversations on the show, he was asked a few very direct questions, and he answered them very directly and succinctly, in a way most politicians would never have done.  I’ve shown them below, paraphrased by me:

–  Q:  Do you support raising the debt limit?  A:  Only if there are equivalent off-setting cost reductions and all parties should negotiate towards an agreement that achieves this.

–  Q:  Do you support the Ryan plan?  A:  Yes I do.

–  Q:  Do you support gay marriage?  A:  I do not, I support traditional marriage, but I also support civil unions and equalizing all benefits in such situations.

–  Q:  Are you pro-life?  A:  Yes, I am pro-life.  As a parent of 2 adopted children I see the value of being pro-life.

–  Q:  Who would you rather have as your Vice President on the ticket with you, Sarah Palin or Barbara Bachmann?  A:  C’mon.  How about making me choose between the 3 of you (gestures towards the 3 hosts of the morning show).

I like him so far.  The VOR will keep an eye on him.

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One Response to Jon Huntsman

  1. Teddy says:

    haha i hope he said “traditional” marriage. Who gets to define that? I am going to run on the platform of the MOST traditional marriage. All wives must be virgins and no mixing of races!

    Even Obama can’t shake this embarrassing stance. How does the public sleep at night?????

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