South Carolina and Boeing

Here we are, with 9.1% unemployment.  An American business icon, Boeing, is losing the marketplace battle for booming worldwide aircraft sales to Airbus, a European consortium.  But Boeing has a plan to grow and win in this market, and most of that plan is dependent on their new 787 Dreamliner.  The Obama Administration’s response?  Tie Boeing up in court, create uncertainty, delay production of the aircraft, delay hiring of new employees, and raise the overall cost of the 787 to make it less competitive.

Why, you ask, would anyone do such a thing?  Hint:  President “no special interests” Obama wants to keep production of the plane in Washington State in order to gain more union jobs– or better said, to reap more union donations to his presidential campaign.

You can’t make this up.  Obama appointed Craig Becker to run the National Labor Relations Board– a “recess appointment” meaning that Obama couldn’t get the approval of Congress because of this man’s pro-union bias, so he appointed him while Congress was in recess.  You see, when appointed Craig Becker was the Associate General Counsel for the Services Employee International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO.  And Mr. Becker thinks that he ought to be able to tell companies where they can and can’t build their products, and what kind of people they should have to hire.  And South Carolina, a “right to work” state, is not to Mr. Becker’s liking because they will not be using unionized labor.

Ironically, when doing the recess appointment of Mr. Becker, who had been held up by Republicans for obvious reasons, Obama said “I simply cannot allow partisan politics to stand in the way of the basic functioning of government,”  I ask those of you Obama supporters out there, how do you respect a person who would make such an appointment, and then make such a statement?  It’s like we are all staring at the color blue, and President Obama can say it’s green, and you accept that from a President?  He can’t let “partisan politics” get in the way of his own “partisan appointment”?!

Anyway, Boeing has sunk $1 billion in the South Carolina plant.  The President has been silent on the suit by the NLRB, and it is estimated that without a compromise the case will take 3-5 years to resolve.  3-5 years.

I have documented in multiple other posts the anti-business, anti-recovery actions this administration has taken that are dousing America’s natural tendencies towards economic recovery.  The Boeing example is just another such action.

Have we actually deteriorated to the point where our government will tell us what states we can and can’t do business in?

In the meantime, this week at the Paris Airshow where volume plane orders are often placed, Airbus is kicking Boeing’s rear end.  At least the Europeans will get some jobs out of this administrations actions.



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  1. Steph says:

    Good post, Dan — I tweeted the link

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