A Lesson in Leadership: Obama and Michigan Football

Question:  What do first year University of Michigan coach Brady Hoke and President Obama have in common?

Answer:  Absolutely nothing.

This is Brady Hoke’s first season as head coach of Michigan, the all-time winningest football program in college football that has won less than half its games over the last 3 years.  As the season approaches, what does Hoke talk about when asked what he expects from his team and himself this year?:

“This is Michigan; there aren’t going to be any excuses.  If we don’t win the Big Ten championship, we failed these kids as coaches.”

Excuse me?  You mean, nothing about the mess he inherited?  Nothing about his predecessor being a disaster, the difficulty he’s had recruiting, the challenges of rebuilding a program college football program and the time it takes to do so?  Just, “expect us to win, if we don’t, we have failed”?

Can you imagine where we may be if our President was a leader like Brady Hoke?  A President who, on inauguration day, took responsibility for the country and committed to getting us back on track, and measuring himself and his team against the results achieved?

If he had done so, or did so now, this would not have just been something that made us feel better to hear and observe.  It would have made him perform better, it would have improved the results, it would have dramatically influenced his mindset and approach and we would likely be in a much better place.

Alas, we did not elect a leader to the White House.  We elected a once silver-tongued politician and academic who is utterly incompetent.  He certainly is not a leader, never has been and maybe never will be.

How about this:  Brady, go win the national championship so the President invites you and the team to the White House.  While there, spend a little time in the Oval Office advising the President as to how leaders actually think and behave.


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