President Obama Tonight

Will it be a speech about our country and our economy and how to generate economic growth and jobs?  Or will it be a campaign speech?  It will be obvious to anyone in the center or on the right which one it is when he is done.  For those on the left still drunk with delusion on Obama, no matter what he says will be viewed as just short of the word of God.  But to those who are discerning and objective, they will know if the President is doing what he had done on so many occasions in the last year– put his re-election in front of the interests of the people.  Key signs to look for:  Is he divisive between rich and poor?  Will he talk about closing specific loopholes that have minimal dollars associated with them, but maximum emotional value (e.g. private jets) as some kind of a solution?  Does he blame others or blame circumstances rather than shunning blame and talking about solutions?  Will he take ownership and will he sound like a leader, or will he continue to make us feel like he is one deckhand on a ship of hundreds?





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1 Response to President Obama Tonight

  1. Walter Witt says:

    I’m going to watch the US Open that I DVR’d today and get the condensed version of the great American jobs proposal on one of the news shows or in the WSJ tomorrow. Knowing how Obama’s attempt at a buget proposal was so well crafted (rejected by BOTH houses of congress) I’m sure his jobs proposal will be another winner. We’ll spend $100K per job that pays $35K. Yippee!

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