How Obama Thinks

While watching the 6:00 news last night I was struck by the report that showed President Obama revealing his jobs bill (document in hand) in the Rose Garden, and in the background were about 30 teachers, police officers, firemen, and veterans (see photo below).

The very next story was that Bank of America would be laying off 30,000 employees.  If in aggregate 30,000 teachers and police officers were laid off around the country I would be surprised, and here we have a single company laying off 30,000.  Imagine how many more private sector citizens are being impacted than the cushy and almost-guaranteed public sector, and one wonders how the President sees the world.  Business = evil, teachers = good?

I have nothing against public sector employees and I value what they do.  But this jobs crisis, by a ratio of 30-1, is not about public sector employees.  It is about a private sector, which funds the public sector, hemorrhaging jobs.  The Obama Administration, because of its philosophy and government-centric view of the world, seems to be prioritizing the wrong category of workers.

Not a private sector employee to be seen

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