Quick Hits

Thoughts on the issues of the day in no particular order:

1.  Italian justice?  Put a woman in prison for 4 years, eventually find her not guilty, and still plan to fine her for defamation of the court?  Aren’t these the same guys with a warrant out for Dick Cheney and George W. Bush for war crimes?  Ugh.  If you plan a visit to Italy, don’t so much as spit on the sidewalk.

2.  I’m not saying she did it, but Amanda Knox has explained little about what actually happened that day and night.  She surely knows more than she is saying, and the twisted Italian justice system didn’t have the ability to extract through negotiations a better explanation of who killed Meredith Kercher (You remember Meredith, right?  She was the one who was raped and brutally murdered by, maybe, Amanda Knox).  Even if she’s innocent, if I were her parent I would sit down with her after things settle down and ask her, “what the hell were you doing with these despicable people?” (Meredith excluded, she seems to have been a wonderful girl).

3.  The Yankees play a do-or-die game with the Tigers at Yankee Stadium tomorrow night. 8:07pm eastern time.

4.  President Obama, when asked by George Stephanopolous  if he’s the “underdog” in this campaign, he answered “most definitely”.  Who says such a thing?  What kind of leader or person with pride in such a powerful position would say such a thing?  Ugh again.

5.  Chris Christie is not running for President.  A huge loss for the country, he is Obama’s diametric opposite.  A proven leader, honest, direct, selfless, and action oriented.

6.  Dire prediction:  The NFL is going to have a player die on the field in the next 5 years.  They need to do even more to protect players.  This is the number 1 threat to this financially booming sport.

7.  College football players should not be paid.  Most players at the top football programs are compensated with a full-tuition scholarship.  This is $50,000 a year, or $200,000 for all 4 years.  If a player is red-shirted this increases to $300,000.  Most of the university’s “profit” from college football goes to fund other sports, leaving most college athletic programs with only a small surplus or small deficit.  Leave this part of the game alone, it is the greatest sporting category save for the Olympics.

8.  The Obama Administration is at war with business.  Anyone wonder why the economy is not improving?  More on this later, but for now just remember that the word “profit” is a dirty word on the left.

9.  Bank of America is charging $5 for certain debit card transactions.  Other banks are sure to follow due to the Durbin Amendment to Dodd-Frank.  Thank you, Elizabeth Warren and Senator Durbin, for “protecting” us consumers!

10.  Senator Durbin, on the floor of the Senate, launched another unprecedented action.  He urged Bank of America customers to “vote with their feet” and stop doing business with the bank.  A U.S. Senator, on the record at the Senate, urging consumers to stop doing business with a specific corporation?  Wow, where are these crazy lefties taking us, and who the heck are the people who keep voting people like him into office?  Goodness help us.

11.  Did I mention the Yankees?  Win tomorrow!


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