Herman Cain and His Accusers

Yes, Herman Cain may have an issue with women, and if there is reasonable proof of such I’m ready to condemn him. But not yet.

Why? Because there is no smoking gun, or said another way not enough reasonable proof, and the only woman who has come out publicly on the matter is behaving in a very questionable manner.

In regards to the women at the Restaurant Association who took payoffs to leave their jobs (I’m not sure how that one works, but I’ll give the women the benefit of the doubt), they are treating Cain unfairly. That’s a difficult thing to say, given that when I say it I also can’t exclude the prospect that Cain actually did harass them. But they should either go public with their claims, or they should be quiet and leave the past buried and keep their severance payments. What they shouldn’t do is what they are doing: allowing their attorney to make specific allegations and to speak extensively about what Cain did, without letting us know who they are and telling us in their own words. Whether he sexually harassed them or not, they either need to come out, or not come out and tell their attorney to say “no comment”.

As for this latest accuser, Sharon Bialek, I simply can’t get my head around her whole story and especially her approach. Again, I’ll allow that she may have been fondled unwillingly by Cain, which is a horrible thing, but I can’t buy her story yet.

Why the doubt? Two reasons.

The first is the hiring of Gloria Allred, celebrity attorney for women who has a penchant for the camera and who seems to desire to bring more attention to herself than to her “victims” (some of whom, by the way, truly were victims, such as Amber Frey). But it’s Allred’s and Bialek’s comments on the matter that throw me. The most stark was during the “coming out” press conference yesterday where she had her client describe in detail how she went to Cain for help finding a job, and was instead fondled as he tried to slide his hand up her skirt. Ms. Bialek says her response when he did this was “you know I have a boyfriend”. Huh? A man is trying to slide his hand up your leg, sexually assaulting you, and you say to him, “you know I have a boyfriend”? And then, she says, she asked Cain drive her home, which he did. She let Cain drive her home?

Finally, Ms. Allred’s comments following Bialek’s stint at the podium were as follows: “Ms. Bialek went to Mr. Cain for a job, and instead he offered his own stimulus package”. Very funny Ms. Allred, but certainly a blow to your and your client’s credibility.

Am I worried that Cain has a problem? Yes. Do I think it’s time for him to drop out? No, not because of this. Not yet.

Editors Note: I am not a Cain supporter for President, but I do like him and think he adds an interesting element to the primary.

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