The Contrarian

For those of you who supported President Obama last election, is this really what you expected?   A hyper-partisan and extremely divisive President from day 1–all Democrats on his cabinet, supporting an angry, Pelosi-led Congress that excluded like never before Republicans from any critical policy-making meetings, the conscious use of fear and distortion in his speeches and policies, the depiction of Republicans– all Republicans– as greedy and evil, and the ability to lie in a way that makes Nixon look like the Pope?  How in the world is he hanging on to 40 some odd percent of the vote given his awful behavior?

But this is just to start.  Remember all his talk about blocking “special interests”?  Have we ever had an executive branch more beholden to special interests than this one?

Or the talk about ending the politics of fear and divisiveness.  Do you remember a time our country has been more divide, and where seniors have been scared out of their wits that they will lose their healthcare if Republicans are elected?

Or how about the talk of following international law, which he excoriated the Bush Administration for?  Never mind that I agree with Obama’s approach, but did you think he would be assassinating foreigners, and even an American citizen, with drones?  Let me get this straight, waterboarding a terrorist and leaving no permanent damage is inhumane, but it’s OK to drop a bomb on him and kill him (and anyone who had the bad luck of being near him) instead?  Are you who despised Bush for waterboarding 3– yes, 3– people OK with Obama assassinating probably 100? For those of you who thought President Bush was bordering on a war criminal, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself:  If Bush were using drones to kill people as a matter of mainstream policy, what would you be saying about him?  Is it only the (D) after Obama’s name that exempts him from being a “war criminal”?

I could go on for days.

I thoroughly enjoy having this Obama debate with any of his supporters who would calmly discuss it, and who would be intellectually honest.  I put the challenge out there for you my readers, how do you answer these claims I make?  Write me directly, or post a reply.


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