Hiding in Asia

The Super Committee, established because we are leaderless in the Oval Office, is poised to announce failure to reach an agreement on the greatest strategic threat to our country, the Federal debt.  Where is the man who “leads” this country as this is happening?  Bali, Indonesia.

We all know Congress is dysfunctional, and we expect our Presidents to lead them and us through this dysfunction.  When we were in a panic to raise the debt ceiling months ago, the President failed to lead us to success, but got himself and the Congress off the hook with a bipartisan “Super Committee” that was supposed to bring major reform to government spending, our tax structure, and entitlement programs.

Nothing is more important to this country right now.  Nothing.  And the President, seeking only re-election since about 2 months ago, is distancing himself as far as possible from this situation.  Instead of being here using the bully-pulpit to egg a despised Congress on, he is literally hiding from the issue and its political implications.

Obama:  “David Axelrod, should I lead, or should I hide?”

Axelrod:  “Hide!”

It amazes me the liberal media is letting him get away with this, but it is as clear an indicator as any of their incredible bias towards Obama and the left.  Can you imagine the headlines in the New York Times if President Bush was in Bali during this time?  The only story I could find this morning regarding the President is one that talks adoringly about how the President is relishing “walking familiar territory” in Asia.  Huh?  The main headline on the front page is “Lawmakers Trade Blame as Deficit Talks Crumble”.  If this were Bush years, the headline would be “President in Bali as Deficit Talks Crumble”.  The Times is morally bankrupt.

I cannot imagine the American people are going to vote for this man for President again.  If we do we deserve what we get, and it won’t be pretty.




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