Fast and Furious

“Fast and Furious” was an operation led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (under the Justice Department) and approved by Attorney General Eric Holder, that put 1,400 automatic weapons into the hands of drug cartels in Mexico, the hope being that tracking devices would lead us to a plethora of arrests.

The record?  Not a single arrest, an American Border Patrol Agent murdered (Brian Terry), and likely hundreds of Mexican police, citizens, and rival drug dealers killed (so far).  With our guns.  Guns that were provided without knowledge of the Mexican government.  Guns that are still in the hands of murderers in Mexico.

Republicans in Congress rightly called for an investigation of this debacle (Democrats were remarkably silent, including President Obama).  Through testimony of Attorney General Eric Holder, we were told that Holder only heard about this “3 or 4 weeks” prior to his testimony to Congress a few months ago, more than a year after the operation broke down.  Never mind the memos directly addressed to him about the operation prior to, during, and after it’s failure.  Clearly he perjured himself, and his backsliding has been almost painful to watch were it not so outrageous that the Attorney General of the United States is lying to us through is teeth on the Congressional Record, perjuring himself.

Can you imagine being Alberto Gonzalez (former AG under Bush 43) watching this?  After he was tortured by Democrats in Congress for 2 years, horribly personally attacked on the Congressional record and in the press for the very policies President Obama has continued in their whole (with the exception of waterboarding– Obama has waterboarded 3 less people than President Bush).  The vilification and destruction of Gonzalez’s good character was shameful.  Gonzalez must be watching this unfold and, if he hadn’t already, realize that the commonly held view that Republicans are the meanest party is bunk, and that the Democrats are rabid wolves in sheeps clothing.

I contend that Fast and Furious could be enough to bring down a Republican President, but surely its enough to bring down an incompetent Attorney General who is on his 5th strike.

More on Fast and Furious HERE.

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