Obama’s World: Can You Relate?

By the President’s own accounting, rich people (couples earning over $250k) pay less in taxes than secretaries.  They have built their wealth by stepping on the backs of “working Americans”.  They buy politicians and tax code modifications.  They don’t pay their fair share of taxes, they are “using” America and its non-rich population so that they can fly on corporate jets to their favorite holiday destinations.

I’m curious, do any of you readers who fit into Obama’s “rich” category live in a world like this?  Do you fly regularly (or have you ever) on corporate jets?  Do you pay less than 50% of your gross income in federal, state, local, school, and sales tax?  Do you have disdain for the middle class?  Do you hoard your money and not contribute to charity?  Have you ever in your life had a direct conversation with your state or US Senator or Representative, and in the rare case where you have did you lobby for your own financial interest? Obama has created a fantasy world where we have all done this, and he’s sold this fantasy to tens of millions of Americans. And, sadly, many have bought it.  The approach caters to the worst human instincts, and Obama knows it.

These are the things our President says about us.  He says it loudly, he says it passionately, and he says it often.  About us.  We are his enemy, and we should be the enemy of the rest of the US population.  He has the advantage of being able to offer a few examples (e.g. Madoff) and he uses these examples with rhetorical tricks to make them seem to apply to anyone in the “rich” category. (Editors note:  If you have taught Physical Education at my local public high school for more than 20 years, and you are married to another PE teacher in the district that has done the same, you are by Obama’s definition “rich”).

Unfortunately the rhetoric is alluring, and even worse it is working.  It couldn’t be more false, it couldn’t be more narcissistic, damaging, and divisive (see OWS), but since it works for him politically he is more than happy to use it.

I had to laugh, or perhaps I should have cried, when I heard the President in a speech over the weekend say something to the effect of “we have to get the Republicans to put America first, party second, and not just to look to be re-elected”.  He must walk away from a speech like that feeling filthy.

I will say again, never in our lifetimes have we had such a divisive figure in the White House.  Astounding when one remembers his campaign of “hope” and “unity”.





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