Newt Will Never be President

For Americans like me who desperately want President Obama out of office later this year, it’s time to root for Mitt Romney, and strongly against Newt Gingrich.  The American people will never, ever elect Newt President, and the sooner this dalliance ends the better off our country will be. 

Truth be told I used to love to listen to Newt speak at various events and venues.  Newt was and is an idea guy, and as a college professor he is dynamic, usually thoughtful, and has intriguing concepts worth exploring.  However, it has been made clear from those who have worked closely with him in the past, and those who know him well, that he is anything but a leader and a “walking grenade with the pin pulled” socially.  Lastly, there is no way our country will elect a thrice-married man whose former wife, truthfully or not, claims he wanted what amounts to an open marriage (she never used those words, though that’s how the press reported it).

I can understand people who didn’t know Newt previously being infatuated with him early on.  After all, I was when I first got to know him.  And he has added spice and character to every debate.  But we owe it to ourselves to look more deeply at him as we decide who to vote for in the primaries.  Looking at Newt in depth can bring only one conclusion:  Newt would be weak as a general election candidate, and a disaster against President Obama.

I don’t know why the American people have decided to take “leadership experience” off the top of the list when we vote for President.  It should be at the top, and remain at the top.  President Obama is the most stark example of this:  why should we be surprised that a man who has led nothing in his life can’t lead the most complex and important country on earth? Newt’s leadership experience was as Speaker of the House, but the consensus view of that experience was that he was awful from a leadership perspective.

Among other things, Mitt Romney is a leader who has proven himself to be such in multiple contexts.  At Bain, in his Church, running arguably the most successful Olympic Games ever, and as Governor of Massachusetts. 

We can only hope the Gingrich campaign gets its due in Florida and that Romney not only beats him, but trounces him.  If not, we are in big trouble.

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5 Responses to Newt Will Never be President

  1. Gene Josephs says:

    Miriam and I are doing our best here in Orlando area where we have already voted for Romney.
    I am optimistic that Romney will be the Republican candidate and via this process, will get better to debate Obama and WIN in 2012.
    Go Giants.

    • vofreason says:

      We are depending on you in Florida Gene and Miriam! Sanity sounds like it is prevailing down there according to the latest polls but time will tell.

      Yes, Go Giants!

  2. Drew McFadden says:

    And, as I recall, the Olympics were in disarray when he was asked to come aboard and fix it. And he did.

    • vofreason says:

      Drew, that’s exactly right, they were a mess when handed over to him and he made them enormously successful (Salt Lake City 2002). Sound like a situation similar to the one we need his help with now? : )

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Karin says:

        Is it possible he is not showcasing his Olympic turnaround because of the scandal surrounding the IOC? I remember how proud I was to be American during those incredibly well organized games.And I remember being very impressed with its leader Mitt Romney and wondered where he was at the nextPresidential contest. I cannot imagine Newt being able to lead the Olympics, let alone an entire government bureaucracy, and lament the far conservative talk show push for his nomination. Obama would be sure to win. I think it its am uphill battle for Romney, unless he can state his case even better and explain his near-democrat-like record in MA.

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