Romney’s Tax Return: You Missed This

Some statistics you won’t see in the New York Times or on CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or Time magazine:

1.  Romney charitable contributions:  $3 million, or 14% of his Adjusted Gross Income (Obama, in 2007 the year he ran for President, donated 4.8% of his $4 million AGI to charity).  Pop quiz:  who’s the greedy rich guy, Romney or Obama?

2.  Romney Federal Taxes paid:  $3 million (The American people THANK YOU for the support!  Well, at least some of us do!).

3.  Romney paid $672,000 in State Taxes as well.  The people of the blue-state of Massachusetts thank you Mr. Romney!

4.  Romney paid $226,000 in local Real Estate taxes.  The good citizens of Belmont, Massachusetts offer a huge thank you!

5. Unfortunately we can’t track how much you paid in taxes elsewhere (sales tax, tax on fuel, etc.), but surely it is in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.  Thanks for earning and consuming, the most basic formula for economic growth for America. 





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