Obama’s 2013 Budget: Who Falls for This?

It’s been 1,021 days since an Obama budget was passed.  725 of those days the President had overwhelming majorities in both houses of Congress (so let’s not hear about Republican obstructionism).  His last budget, voted on in a Senate that included a majority of 54 Democrats, was rejected 97-0.

Why does the President even bother to issue his budgets?  The answer:  Because under the cover of an obliging media, he gets huge propaganda value out of them.  Take yesterday’s headline on CNN:  “Obama Budget Taxes Wealthy, Funds Schools”.  Isn’t that great? Take money from people who don’t need it, and educate children with it!  Why didn’t we think of that sooner?

His budget, just like his last, is a gigantic book of lies, math equations that will not close, false assumptions, political propoganda, divisive policies, statements he knows not to be true, and in the end is nothing but a campaign statement. It’s built to generate headlines, to highlight his “priorities” in spite of their impracticality.

It gives more to all the takers, and takes more from all the givers.

Most of all, it moves us not one inch closer to solving the biggest threat this country has ever faced economically:  It metastasizes government and its cost, and fails to address the insolvency of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Sadly, it’s a cowardly budget from a man whom this country needs as a leader.


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One Response to Obama’s 2013 Budget: Who Falls for This?

  1. karstmatt@msn.com says:

    Joe six pack may be buying this, but I’m not. A failed leader indeed…well said Mr Voice of Reason!

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