Rush: Completely Wrong. Church: Completely Right. Fluke: Read On.

Let’s start with this:  Rush Limbaugh’s comments this week about Sandra Fluke, a 30 year old law student at Georgetown, were outrageous and completely wrong.  His apology was weak and insincere.  I mean every preceding word, and that’s all I’m going to say about Rush in this post.

Next let’s say this:  While she is a victim of Rush’s vicious comments, Sandra Fluke lied (under oath, in front of Congress) during her testimony, and she is not an innocent person plucked off the street to testify about birth control insurance payments.  She is an activist chosen by Democrats for a reason, and she was used (probably willingly) for political purposes.

Third, this:  Despite the distraction Rush has created, the principle that the government should not tell religious organizations that they have to provide coverage for procedures and medicines that violate their beliefs is exactly right.  It has also been completely lost in the emotions of this situation.

Let’s talk about Fluke and her situation since the Democrats, and she herself, chose to make an example of her.  Fluke chose to go to Georgetown, a Jesuit school, where the school’s belief on birth control is known, the healthcare policy not to pay for birth control was known, and yet she chose to go there (on a public aid scholarship no less, so now at age 30 she has her birth control and her law school tuition paid for by someone else).

Her testimony was false.  She testified that birth control pills would cost her $3,000 for her 3 years in school.   My best research on birth control pills shows the retail cost, without prescription, is somewhere  between $9 and $20 month.  So in the worst case scenario, these pills cost $240/year, or $720 for 3 years.  At the best case, they are $324 for all 3 years.

Liberals no doubt are celebrating this whole incident, as is President Obama.  Rush has made the entire Republican party look like misogynist cavemen who are out of touch with women’s needs, Fluke is presenting herself as the oppressed woman, and the President as the oppressed woman’s defender.

Lost in all this is the key principle that matters:  Our government should not be telling religious institutions what they should or shouldn’t pay for if it violates their basic tenets.  That Fluke needs her birth control paid for by others, that birth control is viewed by most as a good thing, matters not a bit in the face of this principle.

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2 Responses to Rush: Completely Wrong. Church: Completely Right. Fluke: Read On.

  1. mattpa says:

    Every citizen has the right to express their point of view and push their causes, and Sandra Fluke is no different. That you would buy in to the democratic conspiracy theories a la Rush Limbaugh leads me to believe that you should consider a different name for your blog. Your reasoning has escaped you on this one. My daughter, your daughter, women across the nation may attend any school they like and be activists for the causes they believe in. They should be able to do so without being called sluts and prostitutes. So I say I call you a misognynistic, ignorant son of a @#$#! Can you imagine someone calling themself a “Voice of Reason” would dismiss that point as “wrong” in a single paragraph and then go on to make other points?

    The president of the university complimented Sandra as providing a “model of civil discourse.” Her “expression of conscience was in the tradition of the deepest values we share as a people. One need not agree with her substantive position to support her right to respectful free expression.”
    If it was my daughter, I would be gleamingly proud. I hope my daughter someday speaks for millions of women like Sandra Fluke is doing. I’ll do my best to tolerate the “voices of reason” that see leftist conspiracies everywhere they turn.

    • vofreason says:

      I guess I didn’t achieve my purpose in my post, let me try again. My post was not about Rush Limbaugh, it was about birth control insurance coverage at religious institutions, the church, and Sandra Fluke. I couldn’t write that post without first expressing my complete condemnation of Rush’s statements. You say in your response that in commenting on Rush’s comments, that I “would dismiss that point (Limbaugh’s comments) as ‘wrong’ in a single paragraph”. Let me repeat for you what I said, because you misrepresent it in your comment. I said, precisely, that Rush’s comments were “OUTRAGEOUS AND COMPLETELY WRONG”. Big difference from “wrong”, wouldn’t you say? I also condemned his apology as “weak and insincere”. All in a post that was about a different subject.

      Second, you say that Fluke “stood up for millions of women”. Are there really “millions of women” who work at Catholic institutions who don’t have insurance to pay for their birth control pills? I don’t think so. Maybe thousands. And probably half or more of these thousands have spouses who also work, and their birth control pills are likely covered by them.

      Talk about buying into a conspiracy theory. You have done exactly what President Obama and the Democrats want you to have done, fallen into exactly the trap Nancy Pelosi set with this event with Fluke. With the help of Rush Limbaugh, you have taken an issue that is about religious liberty, and turned it into an issue about birth control and women’s sexual practices. I repeat, for perhaps the 5th time on this blog, that this is not about women’s reproductive rights. It is about religious freedom, government over-reach, and an expanding entitlement society.

      Lastly, I have to ask you my fair reader: How was Sandra Fluke found and selected to participate in this “event”? Who chose her to be on, and why? Did you know she was on the right-hating Ed Schultz show a week earlier on MSNBC? Did you know (I didn’t, until today) that she actually didn’t testify before Congress, she was attending a “meeting” of Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, with the press conveniently invited to the event, and given the appearance (that tricked even me) that she was testifying before a joint committee? This is not conspiracy theory.

      Thank you for your comment, and please do not give up reading the Voice of Reason!!

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