“We Have to Figure Out How to Boost the Price of Gasoline to those of Europe”

So said Steven Chu in 2008, Obama’s current Energy Secretary.  Steven, so far so good!  Then in testimony before Congress last week, Chu was asked if his “overall goal was to reduce gas prices”.  His answer?  “No, the overall  goal is to reduce our dependency on oil.”  Average price on Obama’s inauguration day:  $1.61/gallon.  Today?  $3.63

This is the unspoken world in which extreme liberals live in.  The won’t say it publicly (though Chu has now twice let the cat out of the bag) because those of us too stupid to think as they do would object and throw them out of office.  But many liberals, including our President and his Energy Secretary, see higher gas prices as a good thing because this will chase us towards their renewable energy agenda.  The real and human consequences of higher gas prices are lost on them in their Ivory Tower.

Now I will say this.  I agree we need a diverse energy policy that includes renewables, and if asked the question as Chu was before Congress, I would have answered something like this:  “absolutely we have a goal to bring down gas prices because the current prices are a huge burden to our citizens, especially our poorest citizens.  High gas prices are regressive in that as they go up the same for everyone, but the poorest can afford these high gas prices the least.  High fuel prices are brutal on the poor, causing them to turn their thermostats to 62, or 65, instead of 70.  They spend more on oil and gas, and less on food.  So as we must work in the shorter term to reduce gas prices, but we must also execute a strategic energy policy that diversifies our energy sources.  This would include more domestic oil production as well as harnassing wind, solar, nuclear, and hydro power wherever practical”.

Give Chu credit for this:  He didn’t have my suggested answer in him because he simply doesn’t believe what I believe, and one could argue he’s just too honest about his point of view, radical and elitist as it is.  He was as honest as Michele Obama was when she said “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country”.  These are their true beliefs, and they eek their way out occasionally to reveal what is going on behind eyes of an extreme liberal.

On a separate but related note, take some time to look at youtube videos of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the mainstream media from 2005 when they were hammering President Bush for high oil and gas prices.  At that time it was all about having “2 oil men in the White House” helping out their oil company cronies.  Somehow today it’s about circumstances out of President Obama’s control, and the media constantly hypes how a President cannot influence gas prices.

I for one believe our fuel prices today are a result of two things:  One is circumstances mostly beyond a President’s control, and the other is the underlying beliefs of this administration as expressed in the headline for this blog.


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3 Responses to “We Have to Figure Out How to Boost the Price of Gasoline to those of Europe”

    • vofreason says:

      There are so many points made in this video I’m not sure where to start. Perhaps the most recurring theme is that the President and politicians have very little to do with the price of oil, which is a point I made at the end of my post. However, I do wonder if when a President and his Energy Secretary actually want the price of oil to go up, if that doesn’t have some effect.

      I do still sit here amazed that the President could appoint an Energy Secretary who clearly thinks it’s a good thing to have higher oil prices. I have heard Democrats say such things before, and I believe it to be true in this case. I honestly believe they believe that higher oil prices are good for Americans, whether we like it or not.

      Most importantly, I am struck by the hypocrisy of the leftists in our country who were absolutely hammering President Bush on oil prices who now have developed a “Presidents can’t influence oil prices” set of excuses for Obama. It is awful the way the media went after Bush, and how they don’t go after Obama. The media plays such a huge, biased role in our society and I wonder how in the world a conservative ever wins any kind of election given the way they get covered– with a shining example being the way the media has covered Obama on oil, vs. the way they covered Bush on oil.

    • vofreason says:

      By the way, interesting speech by Obama last week. Talking about oil prices, he said we must eliminate the “$4 billion in subsidies” provided to oil companies. Two things:

      1. Is that how we reduce oil prices, by raising costs on oil companies?

      2. If he wanted to eliminate these subsidies, why didn’t he do so as he promised in his campaign, when he had a super-majority in the Senate and a 28-seat advantage in the House during the first 2 years of his administration?

      Very curious this President of ours….

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