Is the Obama/Clinton Lie Working? The False “War on Women”

As I prepared to right an outraged response to Hillary Clinton’s recent likening of people like me to the Taliban as it relates to women’s rights, I did a Google search.  And it was here I saw the most disturbing thing; the number of people on the left who are buying her and the President’s dishonest, divisive, Republican “war on women” concept.  It is nothing short of a bold faced lie, and they know it, and yet they purvey it to the left and seem to receive total buy-in on it.  Has the left in our country become completely disconnected from reality?

When, ever in my lifetime, has a President been so dishonest and demagogic with the American public?  When, ever, has a Secretary of State gotten so political in our lifetimes?  We are breaking new ground with this administration, and the left loves it while the right can’t get its voices heard anywhere except on Fox News.  I can’t imagine and intellectually honest liberal or conservative accepting this behavior and approach.

For those who missed it, Secretary of State Clinton gave a speech where, in the same breath, she likened middle-eastern repression against women (stoning rape victims, cutting off female body parts, requiring complete head-to-toe burka coverage, not allowing school attendance) to Republicans in the United States.  It is an outrageous analogy, and one that continues the Democrat strategy of obscuring Republican ire at the government telling religious institutions to violate their basic beliefs, and turning it into Republicans as being against women’s rights.

I find it particularly sad and disturbing that otherwise intelligent people on the left are blind to what is happening.  They seem not to hear the religious freedom argument.  They seem not to worry that the Secretary of State is in an unprecedented fashion weighing in on a domestic election and being used (willingly) as a tool to get votes for the President.  They seem to accept as truth the certainly dishonest and cynical campaign tactic the President is deploying to try to capture the female vote.

This is all so harmful, and our President and this administration simply does not care about that.  They are in this to be re-elected, unity and honesty be damned.  Amazing that the man who once sold us “no red states or blue states, the United States) is the most divisive President in the history of our country.

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