Tipping the Maid

The average hotel maid cleans 14-16 rooms per day.  With one tiny sacrifice we can improve their lives significantly.

For those of us who travel frequently for business or pleasure, we know well the pure joy of leaving a disheveled room in the morning, only to return to it later in the day to find everything perfectly orderly.  There is great value in this to us, and meaningful labor and sacrifice generated by the person who is providing us that value.  So how about helping that person out a bit?

What would happen if all of us left $3 (we like to leave $3-5) a day on the dresser for our maid?  Well, if they clean 15 rooms a day, that’s $45.  And if they work 5 days a week, that’s $225 for the week.  And if they work 48 weeks a year, they earn an extra $10,800 a year!

An amount like this is life-changing for a maid, and the miniscule incremental effect it has on us travellers is not even worth commenting on.

Next time you travel, think about leaving something extra for the person cleaning up after you.  You’ll find it feels good, and surely it will be appreciated and make a difference to these hard workers. 


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