Obama and the Buffet Rule

The President spends his time harping on the Buffet Rule which will generate $4 billion in tax revenue per year, and not a minute on the projected $15 trillion dollar deficit we face.  And Democrats cheer.  Yikes.

If anyone doubted the President is waging a re-election-motivated class war, those doubts should now be erased.  Only the most partisan and closed-minded Democrats don’t see this.  The Buffet Rule may or may not be a good thing, but it is irrelevant.  While serious politicians like Paul Ryan and Alan Simpson and Erskin Bowles are focused on reducing the crushing deficits we are facing, the President is playing games and catering to the negative human characteristic of envy. It is deeply cynical, and the kind of thing any reasonable Obama supporter should condemn.

Readers may recall the President using valuable air time during the State of the Union speech and multiple press conferences to talk about revoking “tax breaks for corporate jets”, whose revocation would have generated $3 billion in total over a 10 year period.  He is doing this once again on the Buffet Rule, talking about generating up to $47 billion over 10 years with the Buffet tax (for perspective, the Federal government spents $20 billion per day).  He figures that words like “corporate jets”, “fat cats”, and names of billionaires like Buffet stir up that envy which he hopes to benefit from.

There is nothing that threatens the security and future of our country more than our rapidly mounting debt.  The American people must understand this fact, face it, and vote for the candidate that is most likely to accept this unpleasant truth and conquer the problem.  If they do that, Obama will lose in a landslide.  Obama is betting the American people aren’t smart enough to catch him at his game.

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