Republicans Need A Healthcare Solution

If, and hopefully when, Obamacare is killed, the fight is only half over.  Republicans need to offer an alternative other than the status quo.

It appears as though Obamacare will be found unconstitutional.  It’s too bad the Supreme Court cannot find it “outrageously complex”, or “incredibly intrusive”, or “10 times more expensive than Obama claims and completely unaffordable”.  But I’ll settle for “unconstitutional”, or if necessary for Republicans killing it after the election.

But what will Republicans propose in its place?  Certainly not the status quo.  Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, too many lack access to insurance-provided care, malpractice premiums and claims are ruinous (something Obama avoided due to the large financial contributions of the trial lawyer lobby), and Medicare and Medicaid are ticking financial time-bombs.

It is here that one of Mitt Romney’s most significant political liabilities actually translates into his greatest Presidential strength.  No politician, including President Obama, has more in-depth experience with the broad issues related to health care.  Romney certainly learned a lot from his Massachusetts experience with Romneycare, both concepts he would apply again and some he would avoid.  Philosophically a Romney plan will be far more reality-based, less central-planning oriented, humane, and efficient.  It will be the difference one would expect by a plan developed by a President who has zero experience in real-life America, and a man who understands and has applied economic concepts and free market principles for his career, boosted by 4 years as the Governor and Chief Executive of a large and complex state.

But Republicans and the American people who have rightly rejected Obamacare need to understand and accept that without Obamacare, unacceptable problems continue to exist and must be resolved.  Yes, we need demolition experts to destroy Obamacare.  But then we need architects to replace it with something that is more practical and affordable.

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