Waterboard? No. Kill? Yes.

The left went crazy, really crazy, when Bush 43 used waterboarding on 3 prisoners.  Obama has killed hundreds with drones, and the left is silent.  Why?

I often bristle when people criticize the opposite political party of doing something unethical, only to be silent or even cheer when their own party does the same thing later.  It is political bias, rationalization, and hypocrisy in its most blatant form.  Both party’s do it.

The ultimate example of this is how the left shrieked about waterboarding as torture and an illegal act, and yet they are completely comfortable with President Obama killing this same category of people (suspected terrorists) instead.  So let me get this straight, making a terrorist very uncomfortable for a few hours to extract critical information is torture, and flying a drone over their safe house and launching a sidewinder to kill them (and all inside, whomever they may be) is OK?

I strongly support President Obama’s use of drones and give him credit for having done so.  I also strongly support the use of water boarding, especially in the case of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks who by all accounts “sung like a canary” after being waterboarded– likely saving thousands of American lives, and providing priceless information on Al Queda.

Interestingly, President Obama has felt the need to stick with the “Bush as war criminal” mantra, and thus banned enhanced interrogation techniques such as water boarding.  Surely, beyond doubt in my mind, he knows now after 3 years in office that waterboarding is a reasonable tool to use in the fight against terrorism.  But he won’t use it because he knows it would be too much for his political base to swallow.  So instead of water boarding and extracting valuable information, he kills via drones and extracts no information.

There is simply no reconciling the President’s hypocrisy.  Somehow, the left has found a way to make themselves comfortable with it.



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