Playing Games, and Winning

President Obama’s gay marriage “evolution” is nothing but a big fat lie, and it worked.

(Axelrod knocks on the Oval Office Door, and enters):  Mr. President, I’ve got some great news for you.  Our internal polling shows that we can finally reveal your long-held position on gay marriage and still win on multiple fronts.

Obama:  Really David?  This is exciting, tell me more.

Axelrod:  Well, our numbers now show differently than they did in 2007 when we were preparing our campaign positions.  Remember we decided to lie and say you were for traditional marriage in order to ensure you got elected?  Well, that was a good call then, regardless of the gay couples who suffered under that position.  Now we don’t have to lie anymore, except for maybe a few big ones in the transition, because the numbers show that by “changing” your position on this we can shore up the unenthusiastic base, and raise millions of incremental campaign contributions by publicly changing that position!

Obama:  But David, won’t people wonder why I am changing my position on this just 5 months before the election?  Won’t they see through this?

Axelrod (laughing):  Mr. President, please!  You know what our proxies will do!  The Washington Post, New York Times, and the major networks will turn this into a “brave” decision by you, showing that you are throwing your own re-election interests to the wind, simply to exercise your conscience on this issue.  You will be a hero to the liberal left, and gain at least tepid support from some in the center and on the right.

Obama:  But David, really, just between us.  Why would they believe that I’m making a brave decision like this in a re-election year, when I haven’t taken one substantive position on any major issue in the last 6 months, and had no plans to until after the election?  Do you really think we can pull this off?  How?

Axelrod:  Of course we can pull it off, and I’m so glad you asked me how as this is my favorite part of the whole idea.  You have 2 fundraisers on the West coast on May 10, right?  George Clooney’s and that other rich donor, I can’t remember her name but she writes checks as quickly as I sneeze.  The perfect time to do this is just before those fundraisers as your donations from them will double, likely generating $20-30 million.  And of course there is hundreds of millions more between now and the election that will flow in from wealthy progressive donors just as a result of your change.  Anyway, let me explain this plan.  About a week before the fund-raisers we have Joe (Biden) blurt out that he is comfortable with gay marriage.  No one will question this as being part of our plan because Joe makes a blunder each week and this will appear as just another one.  Joe being Joe.  This will build speculation in the press with questions like “do the President and Vice President disagree?”  “Are they fighting over this?”  It will be so much fun to watch!

We’ll just let all that stuff brew for a few days, building the questions and speculation, gaining more and more focus.  Then we’ll book you with our friends at ABC News, and my view is we give this one to our friend Robin Roberts.  We’ll have her interview you, ask you a set of questions whose substance we influence, and that’s when you do it.  You talk about your evolution on this, how you’ve struggled with it, talk about the gays serving in the military and your friends who are gay, etc.  Then you drop the news,  you are now for gay marriage. The key word you’ll use is “evolved”. 

Obama:  Brilliant David! 

Axelrod:  Just remember though, Mr. President, that when asked you say “I suspect this will hurt my re-election, but it’s a matter of conscience and I just had to do the right thing”.  The media and liberals will love it!  As you keep reminding me, the American people are so dull, they will never pick up on the fact that you waited 3 and a half years to do this, and could have done it 6 months from now after the election.  They’ll just think, “the President has evolved!  Hooray!”. 

Obama:  Great David.  So, let me add my own element to this.  In case someone catches on to the 3.5 year thing, and the 6 month thing, let’s say Joe forced my hand and I had to act sooner than I would have liked.  Then we can have Joe apologize publicly, even release a statement, that he spoke out of turn. 

Axelrod:  Well well, I see the student has now become the teacher.  Great idea Mr. President.  Let’s go!

(Editor’s Note:  The Voice of Reason’s position on gay marriage, whether for or against, is not a factor in this editorial.  This is simply a post about the President and how I believe he manipulated the people brilliantly).  

(Editor’s Note 2:  George Clooney’s fundraiser generated $15 million for the President yesterday).

(Editor’s Note 3:  Robin Roberts said she “got chills” when the President made his “revelation” on her show).



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