Collecting Unemployment

They earn $395 per week for not working.  Certain employers are desperate to hire.  What is a person to do?

We are renovating a house in upstate New York.  It has been progressing much slower than we expect.  Why?  Because in a 10+% unemployment market, my contractor cannot hire employees because many carpenters and laborers choose not to work.

Before I go further, I want to make clear that I know there are people who need protection from unemployment and/or bad fortune, and we need to support such people.  In fact, we MUST support them.  However, this editorial is about people who don’t need or deserve this support.

My contractor is very busy.  He has at least 4 projects underway right now, but all of them are going slower than his customers desire.  Why?  Because he cannot hire enough skilled carpenters and able laborers to do the work he has under contract.

The unemployment rate in this county is 10.5%.  There are skilled carpenters, and skilled laborers, that he knows and has asked to work for him.  Their answer?  “I’m making $400 a week in unemployment, this more than covers my mortgage and expenses, and even though you are offering to pay me more than that, why spend 40 hours a week working when I can collect all I’m getting right now and just relax, hunt, fish, and spend time with my family?”

You may have seen a post from me about 18 months ago about my friend who decided not to accept certain jobs because they were “on the books”, and instead chose to collect $400 per week in unemployment and work for cash (off the books) for additional income.

How many people collecting unemployment and other entitlement payments fall into this abusive category?  30%?  70%?  Whatever it is, it is unacceptable and must be fixed.

I’m all for supporting those truly in need, and my wife and I endeavor to do so as much as possible.  When I look at my taxes, and I’m asked to contribute more, and I’m accused of being “greedy” by my own President, and when I witness what I am seeing upstate, I am frustrated to say the least.

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