Syria: Bystanders to Genocide

We are allowing children to be slaughtered and doing nothing!  President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, the Russians, and the UN  sadly don’t have to answer to free people for the Syrian massacres this weekend, but their consciences and God will judge them.

32 Syrian children were shot at point blank range, powder burns on their heads because the guns were held so close.  Some were bound together, parents were made to watch as their children were killed. And the free world, including and especially America, does nothing.

What was Syrian leader Bashar Assad thinking as this hell was being delivered by his soldiers and agents?  Probably something like this:  “We’ll terrorize the families of anyone who resists our dictatorial rule.  We’ll show them there is no profit or hope for freedom in their protests.  We’ll hit them where it hurts most, killing the most innocent among them.”

And to those in his cabinet who disagreed, saying “but Bashar, won’t this stir the international community to act and overthrow us?”

And Bashar would respond:  “Ha ha ha.  Please, don’t be absurd.  President Obama couldn’t lead a Cub Scout troop out of the woods in a local park, let alone the international community and UN Security Council.  Secretary Clinton is wonderful at speeches and is hugely popular in America, but substance and a tough stance on a serious issue is as anathema to her as sunlight is to a vampire.  Just watch, the international community and the UN Security Council will announce their 10th “condemnation” of our actions.  They will use the term “unacceptable” freely, and yet they’ll continue to “accept” and “allow” everything we have done over the last 6 months, for the next 6 months.

Perhaps the mothers of these children should have stood up prior to the massacre and said, “Stop!  Have you not heard that President Obama condemns your actions?”.

When will a leader emerge to stop such slaughter?  How can we possibly let this continue?  Where are the Americans??

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One Response to Syria: Bystanders to Genocide

  1. Gene Josephs says:

    The Israeli’s see this going on and know they have to protect themselves at all times and against all threats since they can NOT count on our present leadership..
    The good news is that NO American has ever been asked to fight in any of the Israeli wars.

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