One Class Act, and One Crass Act

After the truly unprecedented ripping Obama has done of his predecessor, how awkward must it have been to be together with Bush 43 unveiling the White House portrait?

One of my favorite political traditions in our country is the unveiling of the White House portrait of the preceding President and First Lady, hosted by the current sitting President.  These are moments of great non-partisanship, where we are reminded that in the end, “no matter what political party you are in, we are all in this together”.   Until yesterday I had observed 5 heart-warming versions of these moments, presided over by both Democrat and Republican Presidents.

How ironic it is that on this 6th occasion, the President who was elected as a “post-partisan”, spoiled the streak.  It starts with the never-before-seen criticism President Obama has unfurled on his predecessor, having accused him of being unethical, incompetent, and the cause of all of President Obama and our nation’s problems.  This must have made every second of the ceremony uncomfortable for President Obama, and while I think he is a despicable man I think even his conscience must have been telling him he has been wrong to speak of Bush 43 the way he has in the past.

And President Obama, while generally gracious, couldn’t resist making at least 2 references to his “inheritance” of a destroyed nation (implied due to Bush 43).  In one case he gave a backhanded compliment, thanking President Bush for his help during the transition:  “The months before I took the oath of office were a chaotic time.  We knew our economy was in trouble, our fellow Americans were in pain, but we wouldn’t know until later just how breathtaking the financial crisis had been.  And still, over those two and a half months — in the midst of that crisis — President Bush, his Cabinet, his staff, many of you who are here today, went out of your ways — George, you went out of your way — to make sure that the transition to a new administration was as seamless as possible.

Gee, thanks Mr. President, for the flattering compliment.  “I destroyed the economy but graciously helped transition my destroyed economy to you.”  How dare he take this cheap shot at such a ceremony?

He later thanked President Bush for “leaving behind a great sports TV package”.  Implied here is the “inheritance” again.   “You left me a tattered economy, but you also left me a good sports package.”

And then there was President Bush, acting with class and magnanimity.  The contrast was so striking you couldn’t miss it.  He was flattered, self-depricating, touched, held back tears at certain times, treated Obama as if he were a long lost friend who had never said a bad word about him, and he was truly funny in an appropriate way.   His wife, former First Lady Laura Bush, acted with equal grace and class.

A video of the ceremony is here and it is worth watching.  You will observe the Obama I have described, but you will also find yourself laughing, and likely President Bush will bring a tear to your eyes.

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2 Responses to One Class Act, and One Crass Act

  1. Teddy says:

    You think Obama is “despicable”!?

    • vofreason says:

      Yes, I chose that word purposefully, I know it’s harsh. He’s done so many unprecedented things, and outrageous things. Here’s a list off the top of my head:

      1. Ran for the most important leadership position in the world knowing he had zero leadership experience. Putting us all and the world in a situation where we were in the hands of a complete rookie, all because he wanted the office for his own power and gain.
      2. Proposed 3 budgets, none of which had the slightest reality to them and were only political documents. Games, at our huge expense.
      3. Has been campaigning since September of last year, he has nearly completely stopped governing and in the midst of a recession that is devastating to millions he is simply playing games. Most Presidents start campaigning in March/April of election year. Every proposal he makes is completely impractical and politically motivated, and we have gotten only 2 years of governing from him, if you can call it governing.
      4. He said he was going to close Gitmo, he destroyed W and his administration on this, did huge damage to American credibility on Gitmo, and 3.5 years in it’s still open.
      5. Politicians lie, but this man lies every day, far more than any politician I’ve seen, and he does it with such ease and style it is frightening.
      6. I think he agrees with Reverend Wright on America far more than he would admit.
      7. His awful, awful style of blaming his predecessor is harmful in many ways and against American principles and leadership principles.
      8. Lambasted the Supreme Court for their ruling on Citizens United during a State of the Union Address when they were sitting in the front row and are not allowed to react– OUTRAGEOUS
      9. To get re-elected has decided that the best thing for him is to divide a nation of 300+ million people through class warfare, envy, and other terrible psychological games. Huge cost for America and its people, only for his benefit.
      10. Regularly vilifies me and others who work very hard for what we have, and has told the American people that people like me got our wealth by not paying taxes, by abusing “working Americans”, and that despite my 75% of income I pay in total taxes says I don’t pay my fair share.

      I have to stop but I’d probably get to 20 reasons by the end : ) He is the worst President of our lifetimes yet is as confident in himself to the point of cockiness…and yes, I think he’s worse than Jimmy Carter.

      I truly believe he is a terrible person.

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