Chik-fil-A. What is the Real Story?

Think you know what happened with Chik-fil-A?  If you are a consumer of the liberal media, you likely have no idea.

Chik-fil-A, a privately held and family owned company, is all over the news.  If you read the headlines you would be left to believe the company is a bigoted, anti-gay, discriminatory company.  This employer of approximately 50,000 Americans, is nothing of the sort.

Let me explain, and then let’s view the outrage that is taking place.  Dan Cathy, the President and CEO of the Company (and a devout Christian) stated that he, personally, believes marriage is between a man and a woman, and this is what God intended.  His company does not discriminate against gays.  He simply stated very clearly his personal opinion on this issue.

The result?  The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, as well as other mayors and government officials, want to ban or discourage the opening of new Chik-fil-A stores in their districts.  Gay rights groups are holding “kiss-in’s”, sending gay couples into these family restaurants and engaging in deep romantic kisses that  heterosexual couples don’t do in public.  A national boycott is underway by liberals everywhere.

This is hatred at it’s worst, oppression of free speech, and condemnation by association.  If this were a right-wing movement it would be destroyed as an example of the evil and hostility of the right.  But since it’s a left-wing movement, it is trumpeted by the press in near giddy celebration, and Cathy’s statements are being exaggerated everywhere.  Most people have no idea what he said or what the company’s position is.  You may agree or disagree on gay marriage, but keep in mind that the left’s leader, President Obama, was “against” gay marriage for 3.5 years of his Presidency, and only changed his position 2 months ago to fatten his campaign donations.  Essentially, Obama’s position was exactly that of Dan Cathy’s.

And so, the 50,000 employees are under fire.  Videos of same-sex couples walking into restaurants and verbally assaulting hourly employees (some of these employees are surely gay) are all over the web.  And if these liberal movements have their way, Chik-fil-A will not grow any larger than 50,000 employed Americans, and it would be their preference that the chain go out of business.  Huh?

What has happened to the left?  What is wrong with these people?  Even their supposedly responsible leaders support this suppression of free speech, this movement to kill a successful company and all its jobs.  And, you won’t read this in the New York Times, the company makes well over $6 million in charitable donations each year– which would die along with the company.

For those of you on the left and right that are as outraged as I am at this behavior, have lunch at Chik-fil-A this week.  I know I will.

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One Response to Chik-fil-A. What is the Real Story?

  1. ezekiel856 says:

    Good point about Obama’s position (or universal lack thereof) on the issue, Dan. I think it’s fair to say conservatives value principles (and will censure other conservatives for violations) while liberals more consistently stick to figureheads (and flex their principles to whatever that particular individual believes). It’s an interesting phenomenon that I would point to in explaining some of Obama’s enduring popularity despite fundamental violation of nearly every single principle he has at one point historically espoused – not that it shouldn’t have been obvious to many of us from the outset.

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