Why Romney Will Win

On the evidence the case for Romney is overwhelming, as is the case against President Obama.  American voters, in the end, will get this right.

If one was a neutral observer attempting to earnestly and objectively evaluate the two candidates for President, they would encounter the following unemotional and unbiased factual evidence:

Mitt Romney:  His resume includes forming, running, and growing an iconic and successful business that specializes in turning around troubled situations.  This point about Bain Capital strikes the observer because America is in a situation in desperate need of a turnaround.  Aside from saving businesses, he saved the Salt Lake City Olympics, another turnaround situation.  People today know that Olympics are extremely complicated mega-events, and “saving” them is not easy.  He was also the very successful Governor of Massachussetts, a liberal state, and so the objective observer asks, “how crazy conservative could this man be?”  One also learns that Romney is loved by former employees, peers, and friends.  And he donates millions to charity and those in need, and has been generous this way for decades.

Barack Obama:  In 2008 the observer notes that Obama campaigned on hope and change, promising a new tone in politics.  4 years later, politics have never been more divisive.  Obstinate Republicans or not, it can’t be missed that in his first 2 years he had unprecedented control of both houses of Congress.  4 years later America has $5.4 trillion more in debt.  Unemployment is higher than when he took office, even accounting for a shrunken and discouraged workforce.  There seems to be no plan going forward except to “tax the rich”.  While that always sounds good to anyone who is not rich, this observer wonders “is that a plan?  Will that solve the problem?”  The observer than surveys international situations and sees progress in Libya, and Osama Bin Laden is dead.  But there is no progress, and mostly the opposite, in every other situation.  North Korea, Iran, Iraq (withdrawal completed as per Bush agreements, but no American presence for security), Israel/Palestinian situation, Egypt, Syria, Russia, China are all in a worse status than when Obama took office.  An $850 billion stimulus (more than was spent on the Iraq war) may have helped the American economy as the President claims, but there is no tangible evidence of this and the observer is skeptical whether it did anything other than enrich Democrat voters and constituents.  Since Mitt Romney’s past accomplishments are so well known and clear, the observer goes back in time to see what evidence there is that Obama has the skills, experience, and record that would lead him to believe the President can dig us out of the hole we are in.  That review leads to a surprising lack of accomplishment throughout his lifetime, a lack of turnaround experience, a lack of leadership experience.  He learns this is a man with no substantive resume whatsoever.  He wonders, in fact, how this man was ever elected given such an empty history of accomplishment.

Now we switch back to the Voice of Reason.  I review this evidence and think to myself that there is little chance that the American people will get this one wrong.  Romney is greatly experienced and in many ways is the perfect man for the challenge ahead- a turnaround specialist, a proven leader, taking over a nation that needs to be turned around and that has been lacking a leader for 4 years. 

Yes, I think Romney will win.  I don’t believe the American people will let themselves be swayed by irrelevant and distracting tactics the Obama campaign is using- dogs on car tops, fake dead employees from Bain’s activities, Romney’s taxes, and a depiction of an obviously good, giving, and wildly successful man as someone evil.  They will look at Obama’s record and history and say to themselves “this President had his chance and he failed.  We have heard no plan for going forward.  There is nothing in his background that tells us he’s prepared to turn things around.  He had his chance.  His time has come, and his time is gone.” 



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3 Responses to Why Romney Will Win

  1. Gene Josephs says:

    To all: I spend the summer in the Berkshire; in last week three different women stated “they hoped Isaac would hit Tampa to destroy the RNC convention” and one stated it was a gift from God to Republicans due to name of Isaac.
    I told one how mean spirited she was and another how she this was destructive comment and that she shouldn’t wish for people to suffer in a storm—-how sad and destructive are these comments.

  2. Tyler sid says:

    I’m so glad you support a man who saddled companies with debt and then fired employees and exploited a loophole in mortgage to get a government rebate..just what the country needs now..

    • vofreason says:

      Tyler, thanks for this comment as well. I suggest you spend more time reading about Bain, the companies it helped, the ones that worked and the ones that didn’t. You see, companies that are on their way out of business end up employing no one. Unfortunately, some businesses get in trouble– take IBM in 1994 for instance. It had to lay off 150,000 people and their employment was reduced from 275,000 employees to 125,000. Tough one huh, that jerk who laid all those people off? Well, it saved the company, and now IBM employs 500,000. This is the way things work.

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