Chris Christie: Americans CAN Handle the Truth

The outcome of this election depends entirely on whether Christie is correct.  If he is, Romney wins big.  If he isn’t, say hello to 4 more years of this disastrous President.

Can American voters accept the following facts?  The President refuses to be direct with the American people, and sometimes it seems we prefer it that way.  But now, as we make this absolutely crucial choice in November, we have 2 challengers who are telling it like it is.  Here are these truths:

1.  Obamacare will cost in excess of $1.4 trillion more than President Obama says it will over the next 10 years (and he knows it).

2.  Medicare and Medicaid are going bankrupt and without major reform, these programs will not exist in 15 years.

3.  With every day that goes by that we do not address the Medicare/Medicaid financial issue, the “fix” becomes more expensive, and eventually reaches a tipping point where they cannot possibly be saved.

4.  All Republican reform plans for Medicare exempt people who are 55 and older, so no one on these plans or near eligibility  for these plans today would be effected if, for example, the Ryan Plan or Simpson/Bowles is implemented.

5.  Social Security will be bankrupt in approximately 25 years.  This fix also becomes more difficult with each passing day.

6.  Our public sector employees, on average, retire with pensions and health benefits that are equivalent to a private sector employee having $4 million in a 401k account.

7.  President Obama’s proposed tax increases would have significant negative impact on individuals including the middle class and small businesses, as well as the economy, and make not a dent in the Federal deficit.

8.  Iran is the single biggest threat to world peace and stability since the end of the Cold War.

9.  Russia and China will vote in the UN Security Council in their own interests only, never in the interests of humanity and moral principle.  These interests usually conflict with American moral principles and American interests in general.  Seeking consent from the Security Council is a fools errand.

10.  The U.S. was going to withdraw troops from Iraq on the same timetable no matter who was President.  The only “elective” aspect of it was whether or not we would retain a base in Iraq and ensure securing the gains of our great sacrifice.  This administration was not able to reach agreement with the Iraqi government on a base, and we are unable to significantly effect Iraqi or regional security.

11. The world is a far more dangerous and less-free place than it was in 2008.  This is especially true due to North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, Syria, and Hezbollah.

12.  President Bush did not cause or even significantly contribute to the financial crisis, and if an objective observer had to name names as responsible parties, the first 2 names on the list would be Christopher Dodd (D-CT) and Barney Frank (D-MA).

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