When I See Bill Clinton Tonight

I will be thinking about him having sex with a 21 year old intern less than half his age in the Oval Office while on the phone with a foreign leader.  I will think about him perjuring himself under oath.  I will think of him telling us “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”.  Of him being disbarred and losing his law license.  I will think about him assaulting Kathleen Willey just months after her husband committed suicide, also in the Oval Office.

I will think about how he completely destroyed the lives of these 2 women, who to this day live broken, disgraced lives.  This as he and his party tout the boldface lie of a Republican “war on women”.

I’m sure to get hate mail for this post, but these are simply facts we should not bury.  This man who is the hero of the Democrat party took advantage of a young employee and in the process destroyed her life.  Democrats twisted it into her as the 21 year vixen “seducing” the President, and him, well, just a typical vulnerable male doing what men do.  Lewinsky deserves more sympathy and understanding, and Clinton certainly deserves condemnation, not a standing ovation at the 2012 Democrat Convention.

In the private sector, as a CEO, Clinton would have been instantly fired and disgraced.  In the wacky world of the Democrat party, he survives and in fact thrives as a folk hero, a man for whom they wish the 22nd Amendment didn’t exist so they could nominate him for President again.   It’s a world where Barney Frank can have a live-in male prostitute in his taxpayer funded apartment and yet still rise to the top of the Democrat party in the House (His “friend” also ran a prostitution ring out of that apartment).

If you want to have some fun, ask a Democrat about Monica Lewinsky.  They will have a field day with their hatred of her, and talk about how sleazy she was.  The 21 year old with the 48 year old, and she’s the sleazy one?  This from the very same people who will be standing and cheering and crying tonight as their hero speaks.

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4 Responses to When I See Bill Clinton Tonight

    • Dave Watnick says:

      One more thing:

      The sex of Barney Frank’s live-in prostitute isn’t really relevant.

      • vofreason says:

        Dave, I thought about this when I wrote it. Should I mention the gender of the prostitute or not? I finally decided to for a reason that you may strongly disagree with, but I’ll be direct about it. I do believe it is relevant to some, whether it should be or not, and therefore I left it in. I’m still not sure whether this was the right thing to do. Thanks again.

    • vofreason says:

      Thanks for your comment Dave. I will put Christopher Hitchin’s book on my reading list. I enjoy his work very much. I am truly astounded at how people have overlooked the real Bill Clinton. I’m all for forgiveness, but forgiving is not what people are doing– they are “avoiding” and “overlooking” and “rationalizing”.

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