The Stakes for Obama

If he loses this election, he will go down as one of the worst Presidents in the last 100 years.  And he knows this.

There is an obvious strain in President Obama’s speeches.  It is a subtle lack of confidence, of defensiveness.  An intelligent person knowing that the arguments he is making are weak, lack depth, and even lack honesty.  And I contend there is also a sense of fear:  “What if I lose, and my record becomes permanent and unchangeable?  History will show that I ran up $6+ trillion in debt; that I had 2 years of total control of Congress and failed; that I presided over the most divisive administration in anyone’s memory; that I promised, loudly and boldy, to close Gitmo and I didn’t;  that I won the Nobel peace prize in advance of my term and did nothing subsequently to earn it; and the one signature piece of legislation I helped pass was radically reformed 6 months after I left office.”

Yes, the President is right to be afraid.  He is most certainly the worst President we have had in our lifetimes, and yes maybe in the last century (yes, worse than another Democrat President, Jimmy Carter).

While I don’t wish Obama any personal ill-will, I do hope that American Presidential historians will only have 4 years of debacle to write about , not 8.

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