4 Years of Failed Foreign Policy

Pop Quiz:  What do you get when you combine an international apology tour, a Secretary of State with zero foreign policy experience, and a weak, unqualified, inexperienced President?  Answer:  A complete failure in foreign policy.

Americans are asking themselves, are we and our nation better off than we were 4 years ago?  We should also be asking, “Is the world better off?”

I have written in detail about this administration’s abysmal foreign policy record.  But it is proving to be even worse now.  Name an important country from a security perspective and this administration has dropped the ball on every single one.  Russia, China, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Mexico, Columbia, Yemen, Iraq.  Every single situation is worse off, and every single one is more of a threat to our security than they were when Obama and Secretary Clinton appeared on the scene.

Hillary Clinton, named to the Cabinet in return for dropping out of the 2008 Presidential race, is somehow viewed as a celebrity Secretary of State.  But her resume, like the President’s, gave us no reason to believe she was fit and prepared for the job.  As I’ve said, compare her resume to our last 10 Secretaries of State and see how poor a decision this was by Obama.  And the results show it.

Combine that with a President who waxed eloquently about “reaching out to our enemies” and being more “understanding” of others.  Great principles in the school yard, but not in a world where despots and corruption rule large and dangerous parts of the globe. It is almost comical now to look back on Obama’s campaign foreign policy speeches of 2008 and to see now what has happened when his stated principles encountered reality.  And it is actually sad and embarrassing to read his Cairo speech and see the results in the Muslim world.

And in regards to free trade, as Condoleeza Rice pointed out at the RNC, China has negotiated 15 free trade agreements during the last 4 years and has 20 more in process.  We have signed none during the Obama administration as he protects his union donors.

I just wonder, are Americans paying attention to this?  We ignore it at our peril.

Editors Note:  I’m sure some will argue that Iraq is better off today than before Obama took office.  I would beg to differ.  All Obama did in Iraq was continue the execution of the Bush Status of Forces Agreement, and the only open issue was to determine what, if any, American base presence would be left behind.  Our desire was to maintain a presence, and Obama and Clinton failed on this front.  This has contributed to instability in Iraq, and in the long term potentially threatens the entire investment (of blood and treasure) we made in Iraq.

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