Mitt Romney Donated $4 Million to Charity, 30% of His Income

All the fuss about Romney’s “tax rate”, as if it matters.  All tolled, Mitt Romney paid nearly 50% of his income in Federal and local taxes and charitable donations, far more than Barack Obama in real dollars and on a percentage basis.

Let’s quit looking at rates and instead look at real dollars, which is the calculation of the actual impact one has on society.  Romney paid $2 million in Federal taxes, $1.5 million in state and local taxes, and donated $4 million to charity.  What do the President and Democrats have to say about all this?  Are they saying, “thank you very much Mitt and Ann for the $2 million, and congratulations on once again making a gigantic difference in the lives of the needy with your extremely generous $4 million in charitable donations”?  Of course not. 

And while the Romney donations have been double digits of his gross income for at least a decade, the Obama donations have been paltry, even in years he made several million dollars before becoming President. 

If Romney’s tax returns reveal anything significant in regards to who to vote for, they are a screaming message to the American people:  “This is an extremely generous man and family, and this is a man who knows how to succeed.  Vote for him!”

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