Boehner and Obama agreed on $400 Billion Tax Increase. Obama Then Reneged.

Bob Woodward documents that Obama and Boenher had a complex debt-ceiling deal that included $400 billion in new tax revenues in September 2011, a deal Obama accepted, than reneged on.  So who is it that is obstinate?  What about the intransigent Republican theory the Democrats keep screaming about?

In Bob Woodward’s new book, The Price of Politics, Woodward provides a detailed accounting of the intense negotiations between John Boehner and President Obama in September 2011 as both sides tried to avoid a debt ceiling crisis.  As it turns out, the Speaker and President had reached a detailed agreement that included, much to Boehner’s chagrin and much to Obama’s pleasure, $400 billion in tax increases.  But Boehner, flying in the face of conventional wisdom in the liberal press, decided a compromise was necessary and best for the country.

For 2 days the deal was done.  Then the President, for some inexplicable reason, went to Boehner and said he wanted more tax increases.  Boehner, realizing he had an insincere counter-party, walked away.

So what happens to the liberals who complain the Republicans will never compromise?  To those who use Republican intransigence for the failure of 4 years of the Obama Presidency, even knowing that Obama had unprecedented control of both houses of Congress for 2 of those 4 years?

There is no explanation, but surely the left and their friends in the media will find one.  Or, they’ll just close their eyes to the facts and keep hearing and believing only what supports their inaccurate theories of why we are where we are.

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